Private Cremation Pricing

Cremation services include:
  • Free pick up of your pet and delivery of cremains within 3-5 business days to all veterinarian practices on the Northshore.
  • Veterinarains on the Southshore and Baton Rouge area will have a pick up and delivery fee added to the cremation service fee.
  • A rosewood urn with the tree of life carved on the top.
  • Certificate of cremation.
  • Rainbow Bridge insert card a removable Wildflower seed pack for planting in your pets memory.
  • You may also request a lock of your pets fur. In some circumstances, however, this might not be possible.
  • Brass engraved name plates are available for all of the above urns at an additional cost of $10 for 1 line and $2 extra for each additional line.

Communal Cremation Pricing

We understand this is a difficult decision to make and for those of you who do not wish to have your pets cremains returned to you but want to provide a dignified final ending for your pet we do offer communal cremations. With this service your pets cremains are NOT returned. We can assure you that these cremations will also be conducted with the dignity and respect your pet deserves.

1 - 3 lbs. $63
4 - 10 lbs. $70
11 - 50 lbs. $85
51 - 100 lbs. $105
101 - 150 lbs. $133
151 - 175 lbs. $168
176 - 200 lbs. $193
201 - 250 lbs. $225

Same Day or Private Viewing Cremation Pricing

With Same day or Private Viewing cremation services arrangements must be made in advance. The price for this service is an additional $100.
This charge is in addition to the normal cremation charges.


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