How long has Unforgettable Pets LLC been in business?

We opened our business in Slidell in 2002.

What services do you offer?

We offer cremation services along with an extensive selection of urns, grave markers, memorial jewelry, and clay or inked pawprints.

Do you offer burial services?

No, we do not offer burial services but we do keep nice quality burial bags in stock for those of you who wish to bury your pets.

What is cremation?

During cremation a clean intense heat quickly reduces your pet's remains and returns them to their basic elements called cremains (ashes).

What cremation options do you offer?

We offer 2 types:
Private cremation: your pet is cremated by themselves and their cremains are packaged and returned to you.
Communal cremation: your pet is cremated in a group and these cremains are NOT returned. These cremains are mixed with Let Your love grow potting soil and used in our gardens on our property.

How do I know that I am getting back my pet's cremains?

We do True Private cremations to allow you to memorialize the loving relationship between you and your pet by returning your pets cremains which are specially packaged in either a wood or metal urn. When we say that the cremated remains are those of your pet we have the system, equipment, documentation and procedures to prove it.

Do you offer same day services?

Yes, for an additional $100 charge, we offer same day private viewing cremations. You must make an appointment for these services as early in the day as possible. Although we realize that at times it is not possible, advance notice with these cremations is greatly appreciated.

When do I pay for these services?

All cremations must be paid prior to the services being performed. We accept, cash, checks or credit card payments.

Are you available on weekends, holidays and after hours?

Yes, we are always available by phone and have all calls transferred to our cell phones. If you receive an answering machine leave a message and we will get right back to you. Please note their is an additional charge for weekend, holiday and after hour deliveries.

What happens if my pet passes away at home?

We are available by phone to make arrangements for your pet. We offer you the option of bringing your pet to us or having your pet picked up at home during normal business hours. Home pick ups are an additional charge. Please let us know how big your pet is in case we need to bring additional help.

What happens if my pet passes away at the veterinarians office?

Ask your vet if they use Unforgettable Pets for their cremation services. Most of the veterinarians on the Northshore and in the Hammond areas do use us directly and you can make arrangements directly through them. If they do not use us and you wish to have us handle the cremation services for you, simply call us to make arrangements and give your vet permission to release your pet to us. There is no charge for pickup from vets on the Northshore and some surrounding areas.

If your pet has already been buried can we still have them cremated?

Yes you can, however we do not offer services to exhume your pet. This would be your responsibility. Please call ahead of time for advice on how to proceed and to make an appointment for this service. These would be same day services and would be an additional charge.

Can we visit Unforgettable Pets in advance?

Yes you can, although an appointment is advised, it is not necessary.

Do you offer grief counseling?

We are available to sit and talk with anyone about their loss. Linda is certified as a level 1, 2, and 3 pet bereavement Specialist and also certified with the as a Pet loss and Bereavement counselor. You can always click the link to the APLB organization who have grief counselors on call and have grief groups to join where they have hotlines so you can talk to someone who understands your loss.



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